The Kintsugi Fray

The Volkin / ‘The Engine Room’
Sky Pirate's Den

Welcome Aboard

The Kintsugi Fray is a crew of Sky Pirates mobilized from the remnants of those who are damaged and lost. We seek justice for our pasts, to find new purposes, and a place to call home. To all estranged and outcasted souls delt an unfair hand in the often too cruel world of Hydaelyn, we offer a second chance.

Individuals from all across the star are welcome in our family of misfits. We hope you will find comfort or a reminder of home in our Far East fused with Western aesthetics. It is symbol of the crew's origins and representative of it's founding members.

As Pirates, we are always on the search for good coin. If you have a job and the gil to back it up, you have a friend in The Kintsugi Fray.

Generously, we've opened up our airship, The Volkin, to the public for a one of a kind wining and dining experience in our tavern, The Engine Room. We welcome you to come enjoy hearty meals and drinks from all across Hydaelyn.

The volkin

The pride and joy of our Captain, the Volkin is the home and base of operations of the Kintsugi Fray Crew. The Volkin is a rather large vessel, oddly reminiscent of Garlean warships. When asked, the Captain will insist it's purely a coincidence. Despite it's hulking size, the vessel is impeccably fast. You can thank the custom engine for that, one of the Captain's personal inventions.

Our FC house is a Large Mansion that is located on Mateus in Mist at Ward 23, Plot 2. Our house represents the airship, The Volkin, our crew of skypirates travel and live in. The entire house is an RP space, including the private rooms our members have made. The Volkin is also available for booking for RP events.

The Engine room

Our Open Tavern event, every Monday at 7pm CST till 11pm CST, focuses around the club in the basement of our mansion, aptly named ‘The Engine Room’. It features a wide variety of entertainment including a 360° bar, MGP arcade machines, a VIP section that includes hot tubs, and a large event stage for live acts. We're excited to have the space open to the public for our events, but our members are free to use the space whenever they please.


Please Wait To Be Seated
Our hosts will seat guests in accordance to order of arrival and if they will be dining and drinking or just drinking.
No minions/weapons allowed.
It can be very disruptive to other players. Patrons will be warned three times before being asked to leave the premises.
No Public ERPing
ERP is to be kept to DMs/Tells/Party Chat Only.
Tips are NOT required, but are appreciated.
As an RP venue, all items Traded for Orders are not expected to be paid for with Gil, but we do always appreciate the offer of tips to our staff.
The Kintsugi Fray/The Engine Room Staff reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises who does not comply with these rules, and/or engages in disruptive, offensive or discriminatory behavior.

If you would like to book our house for an event, please send a Tell to Nephrite Wilk or Yoru Yugen (in game) or DM GoreBoy#1081 or tokionight#7806 on Discord!

Join the crew

Our Community

We are a RP and PVE focused Free Company with a goal of creating a safe and welcoming home for our members. LGBTQ+ run and friendly, we welcome players from all walks of life and identities. We are socially active OOC and IC on our Discord, and it's where all our community based planning happens.


With roleplay being one of our major focuses in-game, we strive to give our members fun and memorable experiences with the characters they've created. Our FC hosts many RP events throughout the month including an episodic event every Saturday and an open Tavern event on Mondays.

In addition to our events, we also have a dice based combat system that we enjoy using with our members to create an exciting and nuanced flow of battle. It has created many unique combat scenes with unexpected outcomes, making it quite the wild ride.


We happily run any content our players may need, new and old. Throughout the week, we are always putting together groups and running content for those who ask. We have players of all levels of experience and we are eager to pitch in to get you were you want to be.

We await your application to join our ranks and as always; Be Gay, Do Crimes~.

Check us out on Discord at :